Guangzhou KANGLONG Wood Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Since 1992

Guangzhou Kang long wood manufacturing Co., Ltd.

        Founded in 1992, the headquarters is located in the most developed Pearl River Delta region, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China's reform and opening up. The production base has 48 thousand square modern workshop, the company introduced the European production technology and technology, and strengthen the South China Agricultural University and Jilin Academy of forestry and other domestic research institutions and experts, with the most advanced level of laboratory products. Product R & D and manufacturing capabilities in the forefront of the country, built a intelligent, intensive production system, the full range of strict implementation of advanced scientific management system. Company through the ISO9001 quality system certification, products are exported to Europe and the United States market, access to China (Guangzhou) export trading will be the quality supplier award. China Timber Circulation Association executive member.


Austria Diya whole wood is a wholly owned subsidiary of Home Furnishing brand brand sales, Austria Diya floor has a high reputation at home and abroad, products in the high-end market and have a high reputation Jiezhuang industry, by the design of all ages. Was “ Asian Sports Village Guangzhou ”, “ Chongqing opera house ” and other important domestic engineering. In recent years, the Austrian Diya brand has taken significant steps in Home Furnishing integration.